The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail is a 2017 short film, made entirely in just 64 Hours as a part of LACHSA's 64 Hour Film Festival. As a senior at LACHSA, this film is the result of my last 64HFF experience, and my amazing team (called "The Space Bandits", full names listed below) couldn't have made it any more special. We were randomly assigned a genre and required to incorporate specific elements to insure originality, bonus points if you catch all of them!

Required Elements / Genre

Genre: The Oregon Trail: the video game: the film: the musical
Line of dialog: “I don't know if you know this or not, but the plural of attorney general is actually attorneys general.”
Character name: Joshy Groban
Prop: A green lightsaber
Camera angle: Dolly zoom ("Vertigo" shot)
Sound effect: Obama dropping the mic and saying "Obama Out"


Co-Director: Brian Niles @brian_niles
Co-Director: Grace Gallagher @stilljustgrace
A Film by The Space Bandits: Brian Niles, Jeremy Herron, Grace Gallagher, Charlotte Mirkovich, Mikayla Hesslin, Dexter Gardner, Jack Fuetterer
Director of Photography: Jeremy Herron @charleswyson
Original Score: Charlotte Mirkovich @charcasmm

Pete Gardner
Charlotte Mirkovich
Sara Watson
Julian Grubman
Allison Andreas

Winner of "Best Film" at LACHSA's 2017 64 Hour Film Festival
Winner of "Audience Choice" at LACHSA's 2017 64 Hour Film Festival